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Welcome to the
European Waterbed Association

Waterbeds in their early years were seen to be a very luxurious item and a gimmick for the eccentric. This unfortunately gave the product an image, which carried with it many myths and misconceptions that are still in the forefront of peoples minds today. However, with the progress of technology, waterbed frames are now manufactured in a vast range of styles and choice of colours, “soft sided” waterbeds have increased in popularity due to their conventional look, versatility, ease to get in and out, and with the advance of a “split” cushion - making it easier to dress. The water mattress itself has been developed to an extent that it can now offer at least five different stabilities reducing the amount of water movement by 99%, dispelling the fears of seasickness.

Much of the developments in waterbeds have taken place as a direct result of feedback from consumers and retailers which have been collated by various organisations across Europe and made available to the manufacturers who could then improve on their designs.

With the ever increasing use of the internet, surveys have proved that people use the system as a general source of information as well as searching for retailers locally and for mail order. Since the growth of the EU, the European Waterbed Association (EWA) was formed as a neutral body to actively promote waterbeds closely with the British Waterbed Association in the UK, and other waterbed federations across Europe as many European manufacturers have agents and franchises in most countries.

Primarily the site has been developed to give unbiased information on waterbeds in general. Faqs and facts can be found on the relevant pages and hotels who offer waterbeds for their guests are listed (a list slowly increasing in numbers). We have also designated one page to show where EWA members are located with a direct link into their own web sites and who can be contacted for that personal guidance. We hope all the information supplied is of great interest, but should you have any questions please e-mail us at and we will forward your request to your nearest member.